KUOTA 2015: Another win for Kuotacycle and Andi Boecherer. In the German Heilbronn Challange he finished in 3h: 56: 06 " ahead of Michael (2nd) and Andreas Raerert Dreitz (3rd). A great performance for Boecherer, who rode on KT05, with this one he confirms to be a very good athlete. THE RACE: Andreas Böcherer, thanks to his extraordinary shape it seems like he's not afraid of anybody. Despite of many top athletes he was able to impress audience and opponents. In the swimming stage he was able to create some difficulties to others, like Michael Raelert. His bike performance was also good thanks to an excellent rhythm. With him Michael Raelert, Giulio Molinari, e Nils Frommhold were riding. He was able to be the best also in the last stage, running faster than Andreas Dreitz e Sebastian Kienle. Opponents had to bow to this exceptional boy, who was able to get over a serious injury, that kept him away from competitions. Now he is back as a true Ironman.

21. Juni 2015 Heilbronn 1,9 Swim 90 Bike 21,1 Run

1 Andreas Böcherer GER 3:56:06 (22:31 - 2:14:38 - 1:14:44)

2 Michael Raelert GER 3:59:06 (22:30 2:17:49 1:14:29).

3 Andreas Dreitz GER 4:00:47 (23:07 2:19:46 1:13:50).