KUOTA 2016: K-UNO is a complete novelty. A further step towards a top range endurance product with high-quality carbon fibers and innovative lamination systems. The upgrading of this custom-built bike with accurately designed geometries is evident right from the shape of its frame. The concept provides for a better shock absorption thanks to the modified fork and the rear triangle in order to reduce vibration. Especially the rear triangle grants an extraordinary torsional stiffness so as to avoid power dispersion from pedaling. A value reinforced by the bottom bracket shell, which now mounts the standard BB386 as the whole Kuota range..

These are some of the outstanding elements of this upper-range Kuotaycycle product.
The headset from 12-1 / 8” to 1-1 / 2” with conical bearing grants stable riding and perfect control.
Rear Delta:: the rear triangle of the K-Uno has been developed in accordance with the design of the whole bike, whose thin profile highly reduces side bends and vibrations to the rear wheel.

Fork: The fork has been designed with the same concept as the K-Uno frame. It has been shaped to be stiff laterally, to grant excellent steering and to reduce vertical vibrations. The derailleur has changed the inclination angle. The result of all these elements is an extremely stiff but at the same time very light fork

NIPN: (Nano Material Interpenetrating Polymer Network) stands for a compound of a new resin developed for Kuota products exclusively. The# special compound grants high stiffness and creates a smooth surface thanks to interpenetrated and highly cross-linked polymers.

Carbon fiber: we have used ultra stiff high module carbon fiber, aerospace carbon in the military sector.