BINTAN - INDONESIA: The Italian triathlete Domenico Passuello (Forhance Rome - Kuota) was second on Ironman 70.3 of Bintan in Indonesia. Passuello was riding on KTzero5 Kuotacycle and at the end of the race he was really satisfied of his performance.

"I'm very happy of this result. A 2nd place today (Saturday) in a really hot and humid day, is a big result! Next week I will be in China for another Ironman 70.3. I hope to be strong again after thousans of problems in the last months".

THE RACE: Mike Phillips led the swim in 23:49, which gave him a 4 seconds lead on Alexander Polizzi of the Czech Republic, 1:37 on David Mainwaring of Australia, 1:39 on Guy Crawford of New Zealand, 2:07 on defending champion Fredrik Croneborg of Sweden, and 2:21 on Domenico Passuello of Italy.  

Phillips maintained a 50 seconds lead over Passuello at 22km of the bike leg, 1:15 on Polizzi, and 1:40 on a pack of three including Mainwaring, Croneborg and Crawford. After a race-best 2:06:35 bike split, Phillips held a 3:13 lead on Passuello (2:07:23 bike split), 5:48 on Croneborg, 5:48 on Crawford, and 6:06 on Polizzi.

After 13.1km of the run, Phillips led Passuello by 4:21, Croneborg by 7:12 and Crawford by 10:58. After a 3rd-best 1:21:45 half marathon, Phillips finished in 3:54:38 with a 2:41 margin of victory on Passuello (2nd-fastest 1:20:53 run) and 7:18 on 3rd place Croneborg (1:23:08 run). 


1. Mike Phillips (NZL) 3:54:39
2. Domenico Passuello (ITA) 3:57:19
3. Fredrik Croneborg (SWE) 4:01:56