RIMINI: Great victory for Anja Beranek @riminichallenge. Here the Anja's declarations

After a great journey to Rimini I had a look at the track on the day before the race. The weather was rainy and the water was cold and turbulent. The bike course through upstate Emilia-Romagna posed quite a challenge: Crossing 1400 metres in altitude, with tricky downhill parts and rough pavement.

However, the running track was more flat and led through the city in four laps.

On sunday, the Challenge began during windy weather and high waves!
Nevertheless I had a good start and could finish the 1,9 km swim as part of the leading group - together with two other girls.

We made it through the first transition zone together and I took the lead 200 m behind T1!
During the 93 km bike race, I was able to build up a good advantage and finished 4 minutes ahead of the runner-up.

In the course of the half marathon, I could further increase my lead by 30 seconds and enjoyed my first victory of 2017 after a running time of 1:26:37!

My congratulations to Judith Corachan who finished up second and to the super-fast runner Sara Dossena. I'm really happy about this successful first race of the year and looking forward to an exciting season!

Anja was riding #kuotacycle #ktzero5


1 Beranek Anja GER EL 1 00:26:22.98 02:41:49.50 01:26:37.90 04:34:50.50
2 Corachan Vaquera Judith ESP EL 2 00:27:18.25 02:47:51.10 01:24:16.90 04:39:26.30 04:35
3 Dossena Sara RASCHIANI TRI PAVESE EL 3 00:28:27.03 02:56.05.57 01:15:50.00 04:40:02.60 05:12
6 Bernardi Marta TRI EVOLUTION EL 6 00:28:26.04 02:46:41.90 01:32:07.30 04:47:15.50 12:25